• Moved Exercise 1.1.8, "Configuring Your Development Environment" to Preface, revised, and added a new section on working from the command-line
  • Incremented Preface part numbers appropriately
  • Reformatted Preface titles


  • Added full FAQ from old LLTHW web-app, revised as necessary to reflect migration to GitBook for GitLab Pages, and moved to more prominent separate document from title page


  • Normalized use of tense in the CHANGELOG
  • Chapter 1.4, "Lists and List Operations"
    • Revised Exercise 1.4.2, restructuring into separate "In the REPL and What You Should See" subsections


  • Updated for the LLTHW source-control repository


  • Chapter 1.4, "Lists and List Operations"
    • Revised Exercise 1.4.1, restructuring into separate "In the REPL" and "What You Should See" subsections the way LxTHW books are supposed to be
    • Split all exercises into separate documents and adjusted Markdown formatting accordingly
    • Renamed Exercise 1.4.10 from "Push and Pop" to "Stacks"
    • Renamed Exercise 1.4.11 from "Pop" to "PUSH and POP"
  • Update TODO list
    • Reformatted as an unordered list because the version of GitBook for Gitlab Pages doesn't support Markdown checklists like the latest hosted GitBook platform does
    • Removed entry for Chapter 1.4
  • Updated TOC to reflect structural changes to Chapter 1.4
  • Added "About the Author" section to title page
  • Updated "Recent Changes" section of title page to point readers to this CHANGELOG and the TODO list
  • Reformatted list of past contributors to the LLTHW project as its own section of the title page


  • Exercise 1.1.8, "Configuring Your Development Environment"
    • Revised subsection on choice of text editors because my information was woefully out-of-date
    • Clarified subsection on being comfortable at the command-line as I think exactly how to word it


  • Fixed syntax highlighting for Exercise 1.5.12, "More Tries"
  • Updated callout blocks to use "hints" plugin:
    • Exercise 1.2.3, "Unicode and Strings"
    • Exercise 1.2.5, "More Characters"
    • Exercise 1.2.6, "Character Codes"
    • Exercise 1.2.8, "Printing"
    • Exercise 1.2.11, "Printing with PRINC"
    • Exercise 1.2.16, "File Streams"
    • Chapter 1.11, "Extra Credit: A Simple Text Adventure"


  • Exercise 1.1.8, "Configuring Your Development Environment"
    • Cleaned-up inline hints
    • Removed deprecated section about the in-browser REPL
    • Clarified download and installation instructions for SBCL and Quicklisp
    • Rewrote and simplified section on choosing a text editor to avoid all talk of Emacs and Vim (like I should have done in the first place)


  • Added book.json to manually define GitBook configuration and fix some outstanding oddities
  • Reorganized to generate a better TOC for "folding-chapters" plugin
  • Added GitBook plugins:
    • "hints"
    • "folding-chapters"
    • "localized-footer"
    • "prism"


  • Added CHANGELOG and TODO chapters
  • Deprecated and removed old "Draft Progress at a Glance" section from title page


  • Re-launched Learn Lisp The Hard Way on
  • Cleaned-up markdown source files for GitBook on GitLab Pages
  • Removed purposely absurd "BigInt" examples from all exercises of Chapter 1.6, Numbers and Math, because GitBook couldn't parse them without crashing
  • Removed Extra Credit Exercise 1.1.9, Setting Up and Learning Emacs Live

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