Learn Lisp The Hard Way
(Second Draft, In-Progress)


"the Phoeron" Colin J.E. Lupton

;; Welcome to L(λ)THW!
(let ((llthw '(learn lisp the hard way)))
  (format t "~{~@(~A~)~^ ~}, because ~{~A~^ ~} is easier!" llthw (cddr llthw)))

;; Common Lisp: Powerful, Expressive, Programmable, General Purpose, Multi-Paradigm.

This is a draft-in-progress edition of Learn Lisp the Hard Way. Content is being constantly added and revised. Please check back often for updates.

About the Author

"the Phoeron" Colin J.E. Lupton is a full-time open-source developer (and recovering serial entrepreneur). He first discovered the Common Lisp and Scheme programming languages when he was 9 years old and has been in love with the Lisp-family of languages ever since.

You can find him online on:

Supporting This Project

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Recent Updates

Learn Lisp The Hard Way is under active development and changes often. For a list of recent updates, please see the CHANGELOG, and for a summary of upcoming changes to look out for, please see the TODO list.

You can also check the commit history directly on the source-control repository at:


Updates to the LLTHW repository are automatically built and deployed to the live server, typically within 5 minutes or less.


To report technical problems with the content of this book, please create an Issue on the source-control repository at:


Past Contributors

Past contributors from the Toronto Lisp User Group no longer involved in the project include:

  • Leo "Inaimathi" Zovic
  • Dann Toliver
  • Gaelen D'Costa
  • Josh Teneycke

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