Lisp So(u)rcery

"I would be disappointed if everything I saw turned out to be something Western Electric will build once Bell Labs works the bugs out. There ought to be some magic, somewhere, just for flavor."

Robert A. Heinlein, Glory Road

Now that you've gotten a solid grounding in the Common Lisp language and some popular Lisp libraries, it's time to really challenge yourself. While up to this point, Extra Credit exercises have been mixed in-between fundamental language exercises, this part of the book is all practical exercises. It will guide you through many of the popular use-cases you will come across as a professional Lisp developer, and by the end of it, you will be able to work some real programming magic.

This part of the book will also be less prescriptive, and leave you to rely on your knowledge and instinct to complete the outlined projects. I will guide you through system architecture, laying out a project into user stories, and finding relevant libraries which can save you time; but I'm leaving the coding to you. When you complete each chapter, you can then compare your implementation against my own reference implementation and those of your peers. But remember, no cheating! It's important that you finish the project on your own and get it to run with only the information I've given you, before looking for alternate implementations to improve your style or methodology.


  1. Real-World Web Apps
  2. Typesetting
  3. Native Mobile Applications
  4. Cross-Platform Desktop Applications
  5. Drivers, Daemons, and System-Utilities
  6. Reverse Engineering
  7. Graphics Rendering
  8. OpenGL, SDL, and 3D Game Development
  9. Audio Generation and Manipulation
  10. Data Aggregation and Analysis
  11. Cryptography and Security
  12. Financial Software and Crypto-Currencies
  13. Scientific Computing
  14. Computational Physics
  15. Quantum Computing
  16. Natural Language Processing
  17. Artificial Intelligence
  18. Robotics
  19. Space-Tech
  20. Neuroscience and Thought-Controlled Computing
  21. A Simple LispOS
  22. Build Your Own Lisp Machine
  23. Government and Military Grade Systems

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